Turku Design Festival

Turku Design Festival is here again, running between 4. – 10.5.2016. The festival brings design-enthusiasts together for the sixth time in a row. This year, the festival’s theme is “Experience is the sixth sense”. The occasion is a chance to celebrate the achievements of Finnish design, and what better venue than the beautiful city of Turku?

The versatile festival program includes the popular Spring Market organized by Uuden Muotoilun Yhdistys Ry, as well as speeches and workshops covering various areas of design. In addition, the festival will also introduce programs organized by a number of operators in the design industry. This year, we will also launch the award gala of Turku Design Festival, the TDF Awards. Designers who have made a commendable effort in the design industry will be rewarded at the TDF Awards ceremony. There will also be reward categories for the judges’ and the audience’s choice.

The festival was inaugurated in 2011, the same year that Turku was designated as the European Capital of Culture. The festival was created in collaboration by several representatives in the field. Each year, the Turku Design Festival draws together the most intriguing designers in the Turku region, as well as offering a program consisting of an impressive array of events. The main organizer of the festival is Uuden Muotoilun Yhdistys Ry, a design association established in 2013.


Lan Le-Gävert
Päätuottaja / Executive Producer


Inka Kiuru
Tuottaja / Producer



Mikaela Mäkelä
Markkinointivastaava / Marketing Manager



Johanna Bruun
Graafikko / Graphic Designer


2016-04-11 14.22.54-1-2

Roosa Nietosvuori
Tuotantoassistentti / Production Assistant



Emma Tähkäpää
Tuotantoassistentti / Production Assistant


2016-04-11 14.27.56-2

Elina Railamaa
Tuotantoassistentti / Production Assistant


2016-04-11 14.32.14

Outi Ollila
Markkinointiassistentti / Marketing Assistant


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